Japanese Study

Here are the posts that chronicle my Japanese learning journey! I began learning in 2010, but had a long hiatus and am back in full-swing since late 2015. I consider myself the “clumsy” Japanese learning blogger. I don’t have all the answers and I’ve failed time and time again, and I wanted this blog to chronicle all my successes and missteps along the way. Hope some of you can relate! Here are my posts in chronological order:

Pre-Hiatus (Attempt #1)

Why Nihongo? Deciding on a Third Language Part 1 / Part 2 (November 2010)

My Japanese Self-Study Comes to an End… Sort of… (January 2011)

My First Tutoring Session + Farewell to Smart.Fm (January 2011)

Bump in the Road: A Quick Rant (February 2011)

Korean Dramas are Messing with my Japanese Flow (March 2011)

Japanese 24/7: AJATT Immersion Challenge (April 2011)

Kanji – Finally Took the Plunge! (Kanjiphobes, Don’t be Afraid!) (April 2011)

AJATT Immersion Challenge UPDATE (June 2011)

Hisashiburi Desu!! Long time no see! (August 2011)

“Why Would You Ever Want to Learn Japanese?” – A Quick Rant (September 2011)

Celebrating a Milestone: 1 year of Learning Japanese  (September 2011)

Should I go Tutorless? (May 2012)

Early Stages of WaniKani Addiction (August 2012)

Written Japanese vs. Spoken: How do I get over this? (October 2012)

Post-Hiatus (Attempt #2)

Your Brain Needs to feel the Pain (October 2015)

Searching for the Perfect Japanese Tutor (January 2016)

21 Question Tag: The Japanese Learner Version (February 2016)

My Japanese is Too Slow (February 2016)

Japanese Learning Milestone: Finishing Genki I… Again (February 2016)

Trying a Language Meetup Group (March 2016)

Upper Beginner Status (April 2016)

On the Hunt for a New Japanese Tutor (May 2016)

Language Evaluation (May 2016)


Learn to write in Japanese with Lang-8!  (Review) (June 2011)

Japanese Vocabulary on the go! (The Old Fashioned Way) (September 2011)

JapanesePod101: Newbie Series (Review) (October 2011)

How I Study Kanji (March 2012) – No longer applies to how I study kanji. I’ll create a new post when I’ve found the perfect method for me.

Focusing on Your Weaknesses (May 2012)


Interview with Fellow Japanese Language Learner – Char (September 2011)