Japanese learning Milestone: Finishing Genki I… Again

This past week I celebrated a very important milestone in my Japanese learning journey by completing Lesson 12 of the Genki textbook… for the second time. I have worked my way through Genki once before and completed it about 4 years ago. I’m confident that the second time around has been much more productive and beneficial. Back then, I never actually utilized the textbook the way I should have and as a result my communication skills were not where they could have been. I would quickly read through the grammar passages at the beginning of each chapter, ran through a few of the problems in each chapter with a tutor and spent most of my week either not studying, or studying passively by watching dramas. Through my tutoring sessions, I increased my knowledge and was able to pick up on more of the language than ever before, but was practically mute when it came to having an actual conversation.  After I stopped seeing my tutor, I tried to self-study after purchasing Genki II, but without a strong foundation, it felt impossible. Admittedly, I was also lazy to put in the work that’s needed for the grammar concepts and vocabulary to stick.

Since my first unsuccessful attempt at getting through and mastering Genki, I began the second attempt during the summer of 2014. I had a full-time job and a part-time internship going, but still had hours of free time on weeknights to dedicate to studying. I put in more effort into studying, but there was still something missing in my routine. I honestly feel like I had too many conflicting interests going on at that time and wasn’t able to dedicate more to Japanese learning. I also skipped many of the textbook problems after feeling like I had gotten the hang of the concept, and only picked up the workbook when I was in the mood for it. I quickly lost motivation after making it to Chapter 7. I felt like the only way to keep going was to join a class in order to keep my motivation. I was advised by a close friend to wait until after graduation and focus my time and money on getting my tuition and bills paid for the time being. I reluctantly followed the advice, and don’t regret it now. There would be more time for Japanese later on.

In the fall of 2015, I decided to take up the challenge once more. This time, I enlisted the help of a Japanese tutor. After working with a tutor whose schedule would always conflict with mine, I searched for another and in January of 2016, bumped myself BACK to lesson 7 to get a fresh start. My current tutor has given me the tough love I’ve needed and I now study at least 5-6 hours a week, mostly with the Genki book. I am much more confident in my skills than I was years ago, even though I know about the same I did then. Finishing Lesson 12 feels like a new beginning. I had already gotten this far before, but everything from here on out will be brand new to me. I am a lot more motivated and disciplined with studying and I am curious to find out where the older and more mature me will end up in 6 months to a year from now! I am also highly anticipating my planned trip to Japan in 2017. I feel much more liberated now that I don’t have to worry about schoolwork along with my Japanese studies and I can focus on it entirely.

So where do I go from here? The natural assumption would be to move on to Genki II. My tutor has advised that I skip it since she’d like to use her own shortcut methods in order to get me speaking more Japanese sooner. I already own it, so if the workload she gives me is not enough, I think I would feel more comfortable working from a textbook. I have really enjoyed the Genki textbook so far. I guess it’s natural thinking back on how many years we’ve actually been together.

Any beginners interested in Genki? Please read the incredibly thorough review from Tofugu for more information.

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