Latest J-Pop Obsessions: July-September 2011

It’s baaaack. And this time I don’t even know where to start, there are so many new songs I’ve been obsessing over lately. I’ve even given artists a chance that I couldn’t previously stand. This will be a female-dominated list. Warning though… no bubblegum pop in this edititon. I have a really hard time warming up to any girl groups with over 40 members 🙂 On to the music!

1. Namie Amuro – Naked

I was first introduced to the name Namie Amuro after a PM conversation on LiveMocha with a Japanese girl around my age. I asked her what kind of music she likes and she said Namie was an artist that all young people in Japan were listening to. I looked her up and was impressed by her image, but not so much by her music. Her voice was a little irritating. I’ve changed my mind and think her voice is unique and just needed a little getting used to. If I were compare her to an American artist, it would be Madonna’s newer stuff. It’s what this song reminded me of.

2. Jasmine – Only You

Bring on the J-R&B! I’ve expressed my love for this genre in a previous post, and I’m so happy I’ve discovered Jasmine. This song has truly been an obsession and I can play it over and over again. She has a beautiful voice and the piano in this song is very soothing. I would like to know if she’s popular in Japan, but it doesn’t seem like it.

3. Rhythmic – Koihana


Ahhh the infamous duck lips!!! haha I really don’t know much about this singer. I discovered this on JpopAsia while checking out the songs listed on the Oricon chart for that particular week. She has a very pretty voice and her music reminded me a bit of Kana Nishino. This song can be very addicting!

4. Aiko – Itsumo Atashi Wa

Queen of the poppy ballad! This song is very slow, but it was my favorite of all the songs on her new album. One thing about Aiko is that you can’t say that you don’t feel emotion when she’s singing. I first discovered her from her song on the Hana Yori Dango Final soundtrack. Like Namie, it took time to get used to her voice. I’ve come to appreciate it. This is the perfect song to listen to indoors on a rainy day. Unfortunately, I was not able to find a clip of this song 😦

5. Iconiq – Crystal Girl

This artist is awesome. Who looks that good with a shaved head?? Only Iconiq. I discovered her a few days ago while looking for J-R&B on YouTube. Can’t believe I’m only just hearing about her. I think her concepts are out there, and I love that. Her music, not so much. Which I also like. This song is a bit futuristic sounding and nothing out of the ordinary.


Super Junior – Bijin (Bonamana Japanese Version)

You lucky boys! You get to be the only males on my list and in such great company. It’s no secret that I’m a fan of K-Pop and I wanted to include the Japanese version of Bonamana, as Bonamana is crack in audio form. The fact that it’s in Japanese does not make it any less addicting. It’s been almost a year since I first discovered this song and I could still play it over and over and over. That hook is insanely catchy.

And a special Japanese electro version by DJ Biru Biru I discovered… LOOOOVE IT!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of J-Pop obsessions! Will be back soon with the next batch 🙂



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  1. NyNy says:

    I haven’t been impressed with Namie’s releases lately. I think songs like PLAY and Queen of Hip-Pop again. Btw, I’ve gone back to my original url and name now. I need my hits and followers back hahaha! Since you follow my blog, I thought I’d tell you. Here is the url:

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