Too much Asian Televison?

Goguma Couple!

こんばんはみなさん!I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend! Me? Taking advantage of a (mostly) homework-FREE weekend and catching up on my favorite dramas and TV shows. Don’t really have much to say, but thought it’d be fun to share something I’ve been noticing lately, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this! While I’ve been a drama addict for months now, lately I’ve been sucked in to the Korean reality show “We Got Married”. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the show, premise is basically this: 2 celebrities, fake marriage, cameras. Did I ever think I would be sucked in to something like this? NEVER. But I am hooked! While this is yet ANOTHER distraction from Japanese… that’s another post altogether. Point is this… I have now almost completely shut out any form of English language or Spanish language televison. And I think I’m going crazy for it! I have noticed myself picking up mannerisms from my shows… both Korean and Japanese.

Here are a few:

1. Strong urge to put up a peace sign whenever I take a picture. This is not meant to be some cheap shot or an attempt to be funny by using a stereotype… seriously young Korean pop idols LOVE this pose! It’s not like I even try… my index and middle fingers seem to have a mind of their own at this point!

2. OMG has been replaced by OMO. This one is hilarious to me because I never even realized I was saying this. One day my friend was telling a story and after I reacted to it she asked me “WTH is omo??” And I OMO’ed again bc I couldn’t believe I was saying it!

3.Clap hands excessively. I definitely blame this one on WGM. I laugh and clap at the same time bc of Jinwoon of 2AM (commentator). I also clap when anything good happens or I’m excited for something after watching Seohyun do it so many times. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

4.Titles. All my favorite celebrities are now “Name+Oppa/Unnie” or “Name+kun” etc. All my friends have a chan suffix attached to their name. Kind of an obvious one though, I think this is a must for all Asian TV fans.

5.American reality shows will never be the same. Is it just me? I can’t watch “Bad Girls Club” or “Jersey Shore” anymore without expecting a little square to come out on the corner of the screen with commentary from the studio announcers. I am constantly expecting a fall or awkward moment to be repeated several times. What about the words all over the screen?? Cheesy sound effects? I feel empty inside without them.

6. Other Phrases. Other words that have become a part of my vocabulary include: CHINCHA*! USO! SONNA! NANDAYO! NANNI KORE? Of course, as a student of Japanese, I am going to TRY and use as many phrases as I can, but these are the ones that come out of my mouth whether I mean to say them or not.

That’s all for now! Just wanted to do a quick post but it ended up a bit longer than I thought it would. なんだよ… I really seem to like this whole numbered format… need to come up with something fresh for the next one. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend bc I know I will. Back to my dramas.


*Korean… have no idea how it’s actually spelled/sounded out, but I say it quite a lot.

We Got Married- Adam Couple – We Fell in Love ❤


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One Response to Too much Asian Televison?

  1. Jen says:

    Hi! I really like your blog ! I highly recommend running man and infinity challenge as awesome reality shows. They are frigging hilarious! Also do you know about kpop? You should give them a try cause I find the Korean music industry much more entertaining than the Japanese counterpart. I recommend exo!! Try searching them up in YouTube XD

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