Korean Dramas are Messing with my Japanese Flow

Oops... Did I do that?

So I was busy at lunch the other day indulging in an hour of “My Princess” at work, when my co-worker comes up behind me to stare at the screen. He stares, I pretend not to notice him, and he continues silently. I turn, smile, and ask “Can I help you?” And he responds “ANOTHER Korean one? What a weirdo! Hey everyone, she’s learning Japanese but she’s watching Korean shows!” I respond “OMG! But they’re so good!!” People, this is my daily routine.

My co-worker WAS learning Japanese (he’s totally slacking these days :-P) and never gets tired of poking fun at me for my obsession with Korean dramas. His constant and annoying questioning is what inspired this post, actually. He really got me thinking. Is watching programs in another language (that you don’t already know) detrimental to the Japanese learning process?

First, a little background on the obsession. I started watching Korean dramas summer 2010, around the same time I began studying Japanese. My reasons? I would always hear a lot of my favorite bloggers/vloggers rave about these dramas. I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. I began with BBF and since then have been unstoppable. I watch dramas on my lunch hour, after work, on weekends. I have drama marathons. I’ve turned down a night of clubbing for 10 hours of “My Girl”. My computer broke down and the reason I was on the verge of tears was Kim Sam Soon. (If you think that I’m crazy, you have no idea.) Yes, I’ve tried J-dramas… but once you’ve become a part of the K-drama world, it’s difficult to let go. When you hear about a new drama by your favorite writers or featuring your favorite actor, it’s not easy to resist, let me tell you.

So what does all this have to do with my Japanese? The obvious reason is the amount of time it takes away from studying. But I noticed I’ve been slowly picking up simple Korean words such as Annyonghaseyo, Oppa, Noona, etc. The drama staples. I recognize the speech patterns. I wonder if listening to so much Korean is pushing the Japanese out of my brain. Because, your brain can only hold so much information. I already speak English and Spanish, and even my Spanish is beginning to suffer. I’m scared for my Japanese!

 I’ve been asked why I don’t go ahead and try learning Korean. To be honest, I have already gone through this argument with myself. Korean pronunciation would be much more difficult for me than Japanese. I would have to learn Hangul and pretty much start back at square one and I’m not willing to do so. I am also much more interested in Japanese culture as a whole. So, giving Japanese up is not an option for me. I’ve already invested so much.

So, I’m just going to try to get through this addiction and cut down on my viewing time. I want to eventually FORCE myself to start watching J-dramas. This way I won’t be wasting time and can pick up on the language.  Ahh… I hope I have it in me!!

Update (less than a week later): F-It. I caved. I am also learning Korean lol. I signed up for Korean Class 101 and will start learning Hangul during my summer break from school. Wish me luck 😀



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8 Responses to Korean Dramas are Messing with my Japanese Flow

  1. roryg2008 says:

    Hi, I just thought I would drop in.
    You have a great site…btw
    Thanks for your interesting and thoughtful comments on Popseoul. 🙂

    Also, I have one more K-drama suggestion….Dream High!
    Have a great day.

  2. soulkeeper says:

    ㅎㅎ.. 태양 사진을 올렸으니 혹시 태양이아니까 싶었어요…..
    저는 태양 fan 예요….
    외국어 대학에서 나왔고 한국어 전공했으니 어느 정도 한국어 쓰고 할 수 있어요.
    공부하는데 힘든 게 있으면 얘기해 주세요.제가 도와 드릴 수 있으면 도와 드리게요.

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  4. sakuyahime89 says:

    I started it out watching J-dramas and I do admit I have a few favorites. I think what made me transition more to K-dramas was because I was trying to find a different interpretation of a fave J-drama (ironically the ones up on the top of your post) and I admit I liked the K-drama better. It took me awhile to figure out why I began to prefer K-dramas and then one day it hit me: Japanese dramas are more smiley and sunshiney. I think I feel that K-dramas on some levels are more realistic and down-to-earth. In fact I prefer the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango because in some cases it is more true to the characters that I remember reading about in the manga. It also kept with some of the story line but at the same time added its own special zest. It also doesn’t help that I find the male cast infinitely more attractive than the Japanese cast.
    As far as culture goes, I would have to say I am more interested in Japanese. But it is funny how sometimes these two different cultures can have the same reaction, the same philosophy as one another. They both believe that there should be some kind of ceremony, even it is just a mini-shrine some people keep in a certain area of the house (reference to the Ouran anime) in which they burn incense or to an elaborate grave where a person will drink and eat and also leave an offering of both or either (Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy). Sorry for this, in some ways this analysis cannot be helped. I am a former sociology major and somethings that you learn in college stay with you even though you might not have much use for them anymore.

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