Latest J-Pop Obsessions: February 2011

I’ve got to take a break from studying sometimes, don’t I? And what better to fill up my time than MORE JAPANESE… in musical form that is! I am SOOO new to J-pop so please bear with me while I am still discovering songs that may be played out to the average fan. So without futher ado, here are my obsessions for the month of December-February (had to make up for lost time)!

1. Utada Hikaru- Goodbye Happiness

My first Hikky song was “Flavor of Life” from the Hana Yori Dango soundtrack and from it I was introduced to her beautiful range. That is one hard song to sing! “Goodbye” is a little more upbeat, although I suspect the lyrics may be a little deeper than I think. The video is super-kawaii and I love the Youtube concept. This song always brings a smile to my face and makes driving to work less of a chore. Out of all of the female J-pop singers I’ve heard, I think Hikky would be the most successful in the US, but with the right marketing strategy.

2. Big Bang – Beautiful Hangover

Before discovering  Big Bang, I was a HUGE Taeyang fan (yeah i know, kinda backwards, eh?) I didn’t even know they sang in Japanese but I was ecstatic to find out that they do! They are my favorite K-pop band and I don’t really hear a difference between their Korean and Japanese stuff, except for the fact that I can pronounce it easier! This is such a fun song to sing to though. I crank it all the way up in my car and sing at the top of my lungs like an idiot (and have a good ol’ time doing so).  “きみはmy beautifooooo hangovaaa!!”

3. Arashi – Love Rainbow

AHH!! MatsuJun!! SPAZZZZZ!! Yeah, I am one of those annoying Hana Yori Dango fans who only got into Arashi bc of Jun Matsumoto… so what?? haha Actually, I really was not a fan of Arashi’s music, regardless of whether Jun’s fine self was a member. This was one of those times where I told myself “Look… this band has a lot of fans. There has to be a reason for it. Force yourself!!” I did end up liking this song. It’s cute and sweet. It’s something that is so different from what I’m used to hearing, considering that its bubblegum pop music in Japan. Doesn’t sound like the NSYNC and Backstreet Boys songs I used to listen to in the 4th grade! (But their sound SOOORTA reminds me of the now-disbanded Mexican pop group RBD–minus the females)

And that’s all I have for now! There are a few more but I really have to get back to studying Japanese! I hope I can start getting introduced to many more Japanese artists. Like I’ve mentioned before, has been a great guide to J-music. If you have a suggestion, please leave me a comment! I’d love some recommendations!




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