My Japanese Self-Study Comes to an End… sort of…

No, not completely… but I am meeting up with my Japanese tutor for the first time tomorrow! When we meet, I am prepared to have many mistakes corrected and learn things that might have been difficult for me to grasp had I continued on this journey alone. I’ve used some amazing tools during this time, but I’ve been hesitant to write reviews until I know for sure I was getting accurate information. So as soon as I start studying with my new sensei, I’ll be able to tell if my self-study methods have actually paid off… and pass them along! I am also eager to find out what mistakes I have made so far so they can be corrected ASAP… and will be doing a post on that as well.

Am I nervous? Somewhat. Because it will be embarrassing if I am misunderstood or if I say something rude without knowing, but for the most part I am pretty confident in my polite spoken Japanese. I am also not concerned about my pronunciation (but oh will it be a slap in the face if I find out I’ve been saying things completely wrong this whole time!) But I am really nervous about my writing! I recently showed a fellow student of Japanese some of my katakana letters, and he couldn’t read them. Hopefully he’s wrong and I’m right (hehe) so it’s up to sensei to read my illegible characters!! Ganbatte sensei!! lol

I just started going back to school full-time for the first time in a LONG time so it will be interesting to see how I manage to fit in my Japanese studying. Last semester I was part-time, and I treated my Japanese as a break sort of when I became addicted to (my miracle site, which I will elaborate on in a future review). Hopefully I keep it up this semester! I’ll be back to write a follow-up after my tutoring session!

Wish me luck!



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