Discovering New Japanese Music on JpopAsia!

Fellow Nihon lovers, I’m here to spread the word about a site I stumbled into a few months ago but only now have been able to fully appreciate. I am obsessed with this site! I was never really much of a J music lover and if we’re talking Asian music, my first love was K-pop. JpopAsia gives you the songs that are hot NOW with updated Oricon chart listings, which I’m assuming is the Japanese version of the Billboard charts. Everything is separated by genre and I swear I never thought I’d find so many new artists that I love!! This is THE place to discover new music. Even if you think you’re not into J-pop, give it a try. Or check out some J rock, rap, trance.. yup they have it. Lots of K-pop and C-pop as well.

Discovered my girl YUI on

Another awesome reason to visit the site is their community. You join, meet thousands of Asian music/drama/anime fanatics and share your love! The forums are awesome, no name calling, no b.s… just ppl sharing their love for the culture. I joined up a few days ago and no doubt will be contributing to the site by upgrading to the “Creme” account when I get my PayPal worked out. I’ve been guilty of being a “moocher” in the past, and there are few sites that have inspired me to give, but this one is a must.

I reccommend this site to anyone who loves Asian music or is interested in learning about it! Visit this site!!!

Until Next time… Mata ne!


Update: I wanted to add an update just in case anyone looking for some good Japanese music happened to come across this post. Yes, I used up an entire post to wax poetic about this site, but they have recently undergone a makeover. The site is now more focused on celebrity news and features brand new celebrity profiles. There’s nothing wrong with this, but I for one am not too interested in this aspect of J-pop. I wouldn’t have minded the change at all if it were just as easy to discover new music, but unfortunately it’s not. The videos are no longer categorized by genre on a music page and can be found only if linked to other videos or on a celebrity’s profile. Meaning, if you don’t know the name of the singer, you’re not as likely to come across their music. However, there are plenty of suggestions in the forums and they still have updated chart listings. I would highly suggest AOL radio’s J-pop station for discovering some new artists, but there is advertising and you’re gonna get some pretty random stuff. Anything from anime theme songs to Johnny’s music to heavy metal will be in rotation. I honestly love it for that reason (plus, there are 6 chances to skip songs if you REALLY can’t stand them).

Best of Luck!


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