Bachata in Fukuoka and Duranguense in Tokyo?

I have heard that Japanese folks are very open-minded when it comes to music… but who could’ve guessed they’d embrace Latino sounds? To my pleasant surprise, Juan Luis Guerra released a song earlier this year dedicated to the people of Fukuoka after being blown away by the way they danced and sang along to his tropical beats with just as much passion as any Latino would. And I have to say, I am loving this fusion! Check out his video below:

Higher on the COMPLETE SHOCK scale comes Patrulla 81 with their video for “Reproches del Viento”. Yea, I’m down with the Duranguense, don’t hate!! But seriously, watching these guys clad in Tejanas and botas de cocodrilo really does put a smile to my face. Can we yell FISH out of water loud enough? Even BETTER are the people of Tokyo dancing along… penguin style and all… to the pasito Duranguense. The look on the face of the girl watching them on TV about sums it up for me!

Verdict? Juan Luis Guerra’s song is BEAUTIFUL and as is the video… but gotta give it up to the boys from Patrulla to have the guts to go to Tokyo and do their thing. I was born and raised in the states… but growing up around Latino culture, it’s really something to see people in Japan experiencing it. It’s fun to watch! I would love to see some reggaetoneros head up to Japan… maybe next is “Perreo en Fukuoka”? I don’t know about you… but I’d be the first one in line to buy it!!



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