Why Nihongo? Deciding on a Third Language (Part 1)

I think everyone has their own personal reason for choosing a language to learn, and the reason has a story. If it doesn’t, then its probably not a good enough reason to keep you motivated.

I am an American… so I’m a native English speaker. I was raised in a Salvadorian household by my grandparents… so I also happen to be fluent in Spanish. Perfecting my spanish has been a passion of mine ever since I was told I would be having my quinceañera in El Salvador. “You mispronounce one word and you’ll be the laughingstock of the family!” said my mother, scaring the crap out of me. My TV dial stayed locked on Univision and Telemundo, I read spanish magazines outloud to myself and practiced on my manners and using the Usted form (required if you are going to be speaking to any elderly person in El Salvador). Turns out, this began a passion for me and I continued to discover new music, shows and movies in Spanish that I loved.

At the same time, not only did I always have a love for Latino culture, but I was always interested in learning about other cultures. My bff was Arabic so I blasted Arabic pop and interrogated her about her family… and the older I grew the more I became fascinated with different cultures.

My idea of a sophisticated tri-lingual gal

I have ALWAYS wanted to learn another language. I fantasized about busting out in some kind of fancy sounding conversation in front of everyone… I just couldn’t decide which one I wanted to learn! I tried French… gave up. Portugese… gave up. I wanted to learn Arabic… naw prononciation too complicated. About 2 months ago, I told myself… ok TIME TO NARROW IT DOWN. I took romance languages out of the mix because I figured they were too close to Spanish. My Bff wanted me to learn Arabic… my Dad was convinced that Mandarin Chinese was the key to my future success. So… I chose…

Mandarin!! Yay, I was sticking to something! So I found ChinesePod and started listening. “Ni hao!” Easy! Why do people complain about Chinese being hard?? pshhhh. I had no idea what I was up against.

My change of heart came when I decided to play an advanced recording of a Mandarin lesson (Not reccommended for any language!!)…. JUST to see if I could keep up with any of the new tones I learned. I was completely intimidated… and DEVASTATED. I couldn’t do this. I also heard there had to be a strong cultural interest in order to keep yourself going. But I knew I wanted to learn an Asian language…

Tenma Tsukamoto from School Rumble

Then it clicked. Japanese. I already watch a bunch of Anime… imagine if I started studying… my motivation would be to one day watch and not have to use subtitles. Oh and imagine all the other stuff I could watch and listen to. Yes! This is it!! 😀

hahaha…. aww the noob-ness of it all… I had so much to learn…

Part 2 coming soon…. for more (less pathetic lol) reasons for choosing to learn this beautiful language.



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Interested in Japanese language and culture, J-Pop, K-Pop and Asian Dramas.
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3 Responses to Why Nihongo? Deciding on a Third Language (Part 1)

  1. fuerzamaya says:

    Watashi wa, anata wo, hokori ni, omoimasu! ganbatte!

  2. NyNy says:

    Ah! Your third language?? I am really jealous that my family do not speak another language because I know it would help. That’s why I’m learning Japanese and Korean. You could actually consider making money as a tutor or a translator already.

    I actually had the same idea of wanting to learn a new language too! I wanted to impress people by speaking another language that people would not expect. I tried French and Italian but got bored of it. When I started listening to J-Pop a few years after that I decided to learn Japanese.

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